Totech America’s X Dry Brand Desiccant Dry Cabinets is the 1st auto-electronic desiccator that can maintain ultra low relative humidity of under 1%RH in the world. Totech America has been the MSD storage experts in North America since introducing digitally controlled Desiccant Dry Cabinets five years ago. Totech America’s X Dry cabinets are designed to eliminate Moisture Sensitive Device (MSD) defects such as; micro-cracks, voids, depanaling and delamination etc. Currently more than 500 American companies, including Lockheed, General Dynamics, NASA, Intel and hundreds of others have selected Totech America’s digitally controlled Desiccant Dry Cabinets to protect their valuable inventory. With the use of Desiccant Dry Cabinets, potential moisture related defects of IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can be effectively and easily reduced or prevented.  With the introduction of lead-free processes the proper handling and care of MSD will become even more critical.  

Applications in production process

Storage of SMD packages after their removal from moisture barrier bags
Storage of PCB (equipped on both sides) during manufacturing process
Storage of Printed Circuit Board during the examination process

1)  IC packages

  • Ultra-low humidity storage and handling of unsealed CSP, BGA, QFP etc
  • Ultra-low humidity storage of PLD during the programming process

    2)  PCBs

  • Dehumidification and moisture-proofing of Organic Thin Layered Boards, Printed Wiring Boards
  • Ultra-low humidity handling of Pattern Film during its production process

    3)  Silicon Wafer

  • Anti-oxidation
  • High quality control with dust-proofing

    4)  Ceramics

  • Ceramic Board, Ceramics Condenser and other Ceramics-related materials (powder)

    5)  Liquid Crystal Glass (LCG) Board

  • Dehydration under the ambient temperature after polishing (Maintaining balanced desiccating and prevention of discharging and adhesion of chemicals)

    6)  Optical Fiber, CCD etc

  • Ultra-low humidity storage of micro-lens
  • Long term dehumidification and moisture-proof storage of devices which are not suitable for high temperature baking

    7)  Crystal Resonator

  • Ultra-low humidity storage of Crystals, Electrode Materials and Binding Materials

    8)  Other Electric Components

  • Anti-oxidation of lead frame and bonding wire


    IPC/JEDEC Standard (J-STD-033A)
    IPC/JEDEC has concluded the following joint standard for the handling SMD
    Level 2-4
    Below 10% RH storage is necessary. After the removal from a moisture barrier bag, the floor life of dry packages which is exposed under the environment not exceeding 30ºC and 60%RH can be reset, if they are placed in a dry box not greater than 10%RH for a minimum desiccating period of 5X the expose time.
    Level 5-5a
    Below 5% RH storage is required. A minimum desiccating period of 10X the exposure time is necessary to dry the IC packages which are exposed not exceeding 30ºC and 60%RH after removing from a moisture barrier bag enough to reset their floor life.
    Reference: The floor life of IC packages after removing from the moisture barrier bag
    Floor Life*
    1 unlimited at 30ºC / 85%RH
    2 1 year
    2a 4 weeks
    3 168 hrs
    4 72 hrs
    5 48 hrs
    5a 24 hrs
    6 Baking is necessary
    *After removal from a moisture barrier bag, the allowable time of IC packages exposed to a factory ambient not exceeding 30ºC and 60%RH

    Totech America's X Dry Desiccant Dry Cabinets are the best choice for your ultra-low humidity storage

    If parts are removed from moisture barrier bags and immediately placed into a Desiccant Dry Cabinet defects at the end of the line will be reduced.

    Humidity Control Paradigm

    Perfect ultra-low RH storage in Totech America's X Dry Brand Desiccant Dry Cabinets

    Easy Operation:  X Dry is simple to use,  just plug it in, set it and forget it.

    Auto-recycling: Absorbed moisture is discharged automatically as water vapor, no leakage or accumulation.

    Cost-saving: X Dry Desiccant Dry Cabinets are entirely maintenance free.  The only operating cost of the unit is electricity.  On average the annual cost of electricity to power the unit will be about 1/20th of the annual cost of an N2 dry cabinet.

    Series Relative Humidity Ranges & Series Descriptions
    X3 Series Under 1% -50%RH (Drying Units x 3 )
    Recommended when doors are opened more than once per hour.
    X2 Series 2-50%RH (Drying Units x 2 )
    Recommended when doors are opened less than once per hour
    X1 Series 2-50%RH (Drying Units x 2 )
    Recommended when doors are opened infrequently
    X Dry Clean series 1-50%RH (Drying Unit(s) x 3), HEPA filter (Class 100 air purification)
    This portable Clean Room / Desiccant Dry Cabinet combines ultra low RH storage with Class 100 Clean Room standards.

    Mechanics of micro-cracks in Integrated Circuits (ICs) packages

      Before reflow Reflow process
    IC packages

    Normal Storage
    Moisture in the air is absorbed by the hygroscopic package.
    Delamination during first stage heating. As process continues additional heat and pressure causes increased delamination.   Internal package pressure causes cracks in the package.
    Cracks do not necessarily cause immediate failures, but rather the package breach allows for gradual corrosion inside the IC chip.
    ULTRA DRY Series Storage
    Dry ULTRA DRY can remove accumulated moisture absorbed by packages.  
    JEDEC/IPC suggests the storage of device should be under 10%RH.  
    X DRY ULTRA DRY delivers ultra low humidity and precise RH control for your MSD storage requirements.

    X Dry MAX DRY is recommended for storage of IC packages during the production process because of the quick recovery time after door opening.

    MSD's & Lead Free

    Moisture trapped inside MSDs will cause defects during the reflow process. The introduction of a lead free process will only aggravate this reality. The data below shows that the vapor pressure becomes greater and greater with increasing reflow temperatures.

    This vapor pressure can cause micro-cracking and delamination inside MSDs and in the end will result in failures, both at test and latent defects in the fields. Using X Dry MAX or ULTRA series Desiccant Dry Cabinets moisture inside IC packages can be dehumidified to nearly 0% preventing defects which can be caused by moisture absorption.

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

    (Click on an item for more information)

    Model # Series RH Range Notes1
    XD3-1106-01 X3 1-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 1-50% RH
    XD3-1104-01 X3 1-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 1-50% RH
    XD2-1106-02 X2 2-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 2-50% RH
    XD2-1104-02 X2 2-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 2-50% RH
    XD1-702-02 X1 2-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 2-50% RH
    XD1-502-02 X1 2-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 2-50% RH
    XD1-302-02 X1 2-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 2-50% RH
    XD1-151-02 X1 2-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 2-50% RH
    XDC3-1204-01 X Clean 1-50 Full Digital RH Control & Temp Display. 1-50% RH

    Dry Storage for: Printed Circuit Boards, Lenses & Optics, Laboratory Applications, Industrial Applications, Digital Media & Film, Preservation of Valuables

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