X Dry CS (camera series) series cabinets
are the best choice to prevent your precious
cameras and lenses from deterioration
caused by moisture and mold.

Harmful moisture may lead to mold on your lenses
Cameras (digital, mechanical, and video) are very sensitive to humidity and mold. Once mold starts growing, it will erode deep inside the lens, making it unusable.

Mold Growth Process
In general, most molds grow when humidity is higher than 60%RH. Desiccant Dry Cabinets are useful in preventing mold from growing.  

However, normal dry box storage cannot prevent the particular type of mold which grows under 20%RH. To protect your cameras from the general to particular molds, X Dry CS series dry cabinets are the appropriate choice. There are three levels of humidity setting dial in CS series cabinets; "High (50%)", "Standard (40%)" and "Low (30%)". Set the dial at the standard mode (40%) for the ideal humidity level to keep your camera lens from various molds.

Humidity Setting Dial of X Dry

Protecting your lenses
Removing mold from your lens can cost several hundred dollars - possibly more if your lens is very high quality. And even then, the mold may not be completely removed due to its microscopic size. Instead of paying for mold removal, the alternative is to choose a X Dry CS Series Dry Cabinet for your camera storage

Drying too much can also be a problem

Besides CS Series storage, it is also common to keep your cameras and lenses in an air-tight box with a desiccant. However, there is great difference between these two storage means.

Expired desiccant in air-tight boxes will cause mold growth, while CS Series provides automatic recycling of the desiccant to provide constant protection.
Graph 2 shows that constant RH level is maintained in CS Series dry cabinets using auto-recycling desiccant.

Graph 2)
The comparison between X Dry and normal air-tight box

The comparison between AUTO DRY and noramal 
              air-tight box
A: The grease of camera will be dried if the RH level is continuously below 25%
B:The driving parts of camera will become harder at ultra-low humidity level
Comments from a camera manufacturer

Storage of film and media is also important

Without the proper humidity storage, the important digital data in video tapes, CD-Rs and films will be lost as the data on CD-Roms can deteriorate if the moisture infiltrates into its polycarbonate foundation board.

Specification subject to change without notice.

Dear Totech America;
I received my CS Series Dry Cabinet several months ago and have been extremely satisfied with both the product and its performance. The cabinet is sturdily made, easy to assemble, and extremely roomy. This allows for storage of not only lenses and bodies but of other humidity-sensitive equipment as well. The glass doors permit easy visualization and the built in locks offer protection.
The Dry Cabinet is airtight and has kept my Leica R and M systems at a rock steady 35% humidity level despite marked atmospheric variations. I no longer fear the development of mold and have stopped 24/7 air-conditioning and desiccant trays
I have also been most impressed by the prompt and courteous backup support 'provided'. 'You have' answered all of my pre and post-purchase questions in a most professional manner. I recommend CS Series Dry Cabinets without reservation for all amateur and professional photographers living in hot/humid areas.

Albert B. Knapp MD
Associate Professor of Medicine (Gastroenterology)
New York University School of Medicine
New York City, New York

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Model # Series Type RH Range Notes1 Pic1
CS-51SS Camera Series CS Dry       30-50 Body, shelves and accessories: Steel Body, 2 sliding plastic trays (max loading: 12kg) and a key 
CS-101SS Camera Series CS Dry 30-50 Body, shelves and accessories: Steel Body, 4 sliding plastic trays (max loading: 12kg) and a key
CS-151SS Camera Series CS Dry 30-50 Body, shelves and accessories: Steel Body, 5 sliding plastic trays (max loading: 12kg) and a key

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