Allegro Micro Systems
Worcester MA

Banner Engineering Corporation
Minneapolis MN

Benchmark Electronics
Winona MN

Philadelphia PA

Vanier PQ

bedford MA

General Dynamics C4 Systems
Taunton MA

Harman/Becker Automotive System
Franklin KY

Clearwater FL

Industrial Scientific
Pittsburgh Pa

Pharr TX

Ion America Corp.
Mountain View CA

Kontron Canada
Bois Briand PQ

office 36-387 MA

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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
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Naval Postgraduate School
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Precision Engine Controls
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Protiveris, Inc
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Sanmina-SCI Systems

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SR Telecom
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The Institute for Genomic Research
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The Windermere Group
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University of Hawaii
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Eugene OR

International Customer List:

1 Advantest Corporation
2 Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
3 Anelva Corporation
4 Asahi Chemical Industries Ltd.
5 Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
6 Canon Inc.
7 Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
8 Cotco Holding Ltd.
9 Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
10 Daikin Industries, Ltd.
11 Flextronics Semiconductor Inc.
12 Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
13 Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd
14 Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd..
15 Fujitsu Ltd.
16 Futaba Corporation
17 Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.
18 Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
19 Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.
20 Hitachi, Ltd.
21 Hoya Corporation
22 Ibiden Co., Ltd.
23 IBM Japan, Ltd.
24 Infeneon Technologies
25 Intel Corporation
26 Kobe Steel, Ltd.
27 Konami Co., Ltd.
28 Konica Corporation
29 Kubota Corporation
30 Kyocera Corporation
31 Lion Corporation
32 Lucent Technologies
33 Marantz Japan Inc.
34 Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation
35 Mazda Motor Corporation
36 Mesco Inc.
37 Micron Technology Inc.
38 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation etc.
39 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
40 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
41 Motorola Inc.
42 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
43 NEC Corporation
44 NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
45 Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
46 Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
Ltd. 47 Nippon Steel Corporation
48 Nippondenso Co., Ltd.
49 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
50 NKK Corporation
51 Nokia Inc.
52 NTT Corporation
53 Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
54 Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.
55 Philips Japan, Ltd.
56 Robert Bosch (Australia)
57 Sakata Inx Corporation
58 Sharp Corporation
59 Showa Aluminum Corporation
60 Showa Shell Sekiyu KK
61 Sony Corporation
62 SS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
63 Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
64 Sumitomo Chemical CO.,LTD.
65 Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.
66 Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
67 Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
68 TDK Corporation
69 Texas Instruments Incorporated
70 Tokyo Air Craft Instrument Co., Ltd.
71 Toray Industries, Inc.
72 Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.
73 Toshiba Corporation
74 Toyota Motor Corporation
75 Yanmar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Dry Storage for: Printed Circuit Boards, Lenses & Optics, Laboratory Applications, Industrial Applications, Digital Media & Film, Preservation of Valuables

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ArticlesVisit our new section on articles related to the dry cabinet industry. Our first featured piece discusses storage within the PCB manufacturing environment.

Click here to see our extensive list of additional items that can be added to your dry cabinet. Options include everything from extra shelves and dividers to locks and alarms.

Dry Cabinet Options

Totech America offers a wide selection of cabinets to choose from, including storage for printed circuit boards, optics, laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, collectables, media, and more (select an application at the top of this page). If you don’t find what you’re looking for click on our customs page, and our engineers will be happy to put together the perfect solution for you, at a cost that’s less expensive than you may think!